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Non-Oily Protective Day Cream SPF50

Barbados Tender Calming Care

Non-Oily Day Cream Protective SPF50

Protective Day Cream  for delicate oily&combination Skin

50 ml.

41.70 *

New Alódem Gentle Man Soothing Lotion

Gentle Man Soothing Lotion

for fragile Skin / sensitive Skin

Size: 50 ml

36.65 *

Sunblock Rejuvenating Day Cream


moisturizing day cream 

Size: 75 ml.

56.64 *
In stock

Classic Day&Night Protective Butter

Day & Night Protective Butter

Face, Eyes and Neck

Size: 75 ml.

49.95 *
Old price 59.95 €
In stock

Classic Eye Contour Gel

for all skin types

Size: 30 ml

34.95 *
In stock

Clear Astringent Mud Mask

Clear Astringent Mud Mask

oily, problem skin

Size: 60 ml.

24.50 *
In stock

Clear Mineral Hygienic Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap

for Face and Body

Size: 200 ml.

29.90 *

Clear Peeling

deep cleansing

Size: 100 ml.

35.00 *

Regulat Beauty Anti Aging Day Cream

For demanding, dry skin

Size: 15 ml.

43.90 *

Anti-Aging Lifting Serum

Express Wrinkle Reduction

Natural Botox

Size: 15 ml.

43.90 *

Regulat Beauty Anti-Aging Night Repair

For demanding, dry skin​

Size: 15 ml.

43.90 *
In stock

Regulat Beauty Exellent Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam for 

Face and Eyes

Size: 150 ml.

22.90 *

Regulat Beauty Eye Creme

for sensitive eye area

Size: 15 ml.

43.90 *

Regulat Beauty Facial Tonic

pore-deep pure skin

Size: 150 ml.

22.90 *
In stock

New Barbados Pure Soothing Aloe Vera Natural Gel

An intensively hydrating biological gel based on Aloe leaf juice known for its soothing effect on the skin.

Sensitive / Combination Skin
Size: 125 ml
26.95 *

New Skin Brightening Night Cream

A skin brightening Night Cream

Size 75 ml

59.90 *

New Clear Crystal Peeling ANANAS

for oily and problem haut

Size: 60ml

41.65 *
In stock

New Barbados Soothing Emulsion

Barbados Soothing Emulsion

for sensitive / Combination Skin

Size: 75 ml


34.50 *
In stock

New Barbados SebaFoam Mild Cleanser

Barbados SebaFoam Mild Cleanser 

Ideal for alleviating redness, this gentle mousse serves as the perfect daily cleanser for delicate skin.

Size: 200 ml

34.50 *

New Silky Tips Treatment Gel

Silky Tips leave on Treatment Gel for Split Ends

Size: 250 ml

24.90 *

New Purifying Liquid Soap

Purifying Liquid Soap

active AHA/BHA exfoliating facial cleanser that efficiently cleanses the skin 

34.15 *
In stock

New Concealing Powder Foundation

Concealing Powder Foundation

Treatment MAKEUP for all Skin Types

Volume: 14 gr.

29.90 *
Old price 43.30 €

New Brightening Liquid Soap

Brightening Liquid Soap

Size 200 ml

29.90 *

Alódem Non Oily Protection UVA/UVB SPF 30

Alódem Non Oily  Protection UVA/UVB SPF 30

A gentle, light day cream with a high 30 UVA/UVB protection factor that is quickly absorbed and is ideal for oily/normal skin types.

Size: 50 ml.

34.90 *
Old price 39.98 €

Classic White Pearl SPF25 Brightening Day Cream

White Pearl SPF25 Brightening Day Cream

Size: 75 ml.

53.30 *

New Anna Lotan Premium BB Cream SPF 30

Anti-Wrinkles Make Up

Size: 30 ml.

New 520.1 Concealer Light

19.90 *
In stock