Barbados - Tender Calming Care

Barbados provides natural, tender care for sensitive, oily, combination skin. The product line is formulated to care for sensitive skin suffering from Seborrhea, a condition which is characterized by enlarged sebaceous glands and excess oily secretions that cover the skin with waxy scales that accumulate over the T-zone and, very often, on the scalp and other parts of the body too. It is also ideal care for "cradle cap" in newborns and infants. Barbados offers a broad spectrum of moisturizing, non occlusive, truly soothing products that maintain hygienic conditions and have the remarkable ability to reduce discomfort, redness and itchiness, achieving instant, significant improvement in skin condition in both salon treatments and daily personal care. All are rich in marine active ingredients and natural plant extracts such as Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Myrtle, Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Allantoin, Chamomile and Bisabolol, each of which has a specific activity and effect on the skin, such as: soothing, moisture binding, antioxidant protection, hygiene improvement, toning, softening and even product preservation. The Barbadosline is evolving and now offers new natural alternatives to the more traditional established products.

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Barbados Air Calming Balm

Moisturizing Cream

Size: 75 ml.

44.15 *
In stock

Barbados Bio Toner

for face and scalp

Size: 200 ml.

26.90 *
Old price 31.70 €
In stock

Barbados Delicate Oily Skin Balm

Flagship Anna Lotan Laboratories

Size: 70 ml.

44.99 *
In stock

Barbados Foam Purifying Cleanser

Cleansing Foam

Inhalt: 125 ml.

24.90 *

Barbados Mineral Cleansing Gel

Cleansing Gel 

Size: 200 ml.

34.15 *
In stock

Barbados Pure Balm

Moisturizing Cream for sensitive Skin

Size: 50 ml.

29.90 *

Barbados Leave On Conditioner

Size: 200 ml.

24.90 *

Barbados Soothing Mask

for seborrheic skin

Size: 75 ml.

24.95 *
Old price 28.50 €

Barbados Set Scalex Natural Exfoliating Gel - Aloe Pure Gel

Special Peeling with Aloe Vera Gel

50 ml. + 40 ml.

45.00 *

Barbados Scalex

Natural Exfolating Gel Peeling

40 ml.

35.95 *

Barbados Calméssence Soothing Fluid Gel

for face and scalp

Size: 50 ml.

29.90 *

Barbados Facial Toner

perfect for problem Skin

Size: 200 ml.

33.30 *
In stock

New Barbados Pure Soothing Aloe Vera Natural Gel

An intensively hydrating biological gel based on Aloe leaf juice known for its soothing effect on the skin.

Sensitive / Combination Skin
Size: 125 ml
26.95 *

New Barbados Soothing Emulsion

Barbados Soothing Emulsion

for sensitive / Combination Skin

Size: 75 ml


34.50 *
In stock

New Barbados SebaFoam Mild Cleanser

Barbados SebaFoam Mild Cleanser 

Ideal for alleviating redness, this gentle mousse serves as the perfect daily cleanser for delicate skin.

Size: 200 ml

34.50 *

New Concealing Powder Foundation

Concealing Powder Foundation

Treatment MAKEUP for all Skin Types

Volume: 14 gr.

29.90 *
Old price 43.30 €

Non-Oily Protective Day Cream SPF50

Barbados Tender Calming Care

Non-Oily Day Cream Protective SPF50

Protective Day Cream  for delicate oily&combination Skin

50 ml.

41.70 *