Anna Lotan


Anna Lotan Bio & Natural Cosmetics

The successful story of the international cosmetics brand Anna Lotan is known in more than 30 countries for approximately 50 years. The reason of this success lies on the environmentally friendly treatment, which the biologically oriented professional cosmetics from Israel / Malta maintain, as a result of the animal experimentation Taboo. The ingredients are particularly carefully selected and examined. Primarily natural raw materials, such as exclusive oils and pure plant extracts, and complete absence of chemical additives ensure excellent quality and high customer satisfaction.

The ten Care Series by Anna Lotan are finely tuned to the different skin types, skin-friendly and extremely mixable. The wide range of products offers about 200 distinctive scents and presents itself in an elegant, practical packaging. The purchase and order of the Organic & Natural Cosmetics Anna Lotan can be completed online, 24 hours a day, at low prices, in Charme Cosmetics & Beauty Shop


     Anna Lotan Bio & Natural Cosmetics - Series Overview 

Kosmetik Anna Lotan AlodémLiquid Gold - nährt und durchfeuchtet dehydrierte Haut


       Kosmetik Anna Lotan ClassicLiquid gold  NÄHRT UND DURCHFEUCHTET DEHYDRIERTE HAUT


Clear -  bietet überzeugende Lösungen für ProblemhautFresh Look exclusive SCHENKT REIFER HAUT JUGENDLICHE FRISCHE

Greens - lässt reife und anspruchsvolle Haut jünger aussehenSpa - Body Care VERWÖHNT, SCHÜTZT UND PFLEGT VON KOPF BIS FUSS